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Buying a Classical Guitar The Official Guide

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If you are planning to buy a guitar and have no clue which one to get, or which provide you with the best quality sound, there are a few things about which you must be aware of and make a worthy investment. There are two types of guitar, first the standard ones which are also constructed by hand, but maintaining batches. And hand made. The rest of the article will shed more knowledge regarding this topic.

1. If you are thinking that the guitars constructed maintaining standard batches in factories are better than the handmade ones, then you have to think again. The standard guitars are basically made of 3 different quality sheets of wood glued against each other like a sandwich. The top layer is the best quality wood compared to the other two which are not as good as the top layer.

2. Soundboards made of either spruce or cedar emanate better quality sound compared to the plywood soundboard. The fine quality of the wood allows the sound to resonated better smoother compared to plywood while accentuating the volume.

3. The back and sides of the guitar do not create any impact on the quality of the sound. Therefore those parts can be made of either plywood or wood.

4. The length of the guitar strings must be of the standard length, which is 650 millimeter for all students as well as the artists. 40 years ago, the length of the string was longer than that of today, ever since the luthiers found a way to get over the problem, learned to create stronger tone and volume out of shorter strings.

5. The nut and the saddle are the two sections on which the strings are set. The cheaper quality guitars have plastic made nuts and saddle, however, bone is the perfect material for that stuff.

6. The better quality guitar fretboards are made of ebony which is denser and more durable than rosewood which is used for cheaper guitars. The rosewood is simply painted black to make the fretboard appear more attractive.

7. The tuning mechanism is the factor to consider to bring out the best quality sound. Expensive guitars have wonderful tuning mechanism which inevitably suggests how the guitar is capable to provide wonderful music.


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